In Australien füttern Touris oft die Kängurus mit Karotten, um ein perfektes Selfie zu machen. Dabei werden sie öfters ziemlich verletzt.

"The kangaroos see at least 2,000 tourists a week and they don't need 2,000 carrots or bananas and bread, chips and biscuits,"
Manche Leute füttern sogar McDonalds und KFC.
"I've even seen some silly people feeding them McDonalds, KFC, corn chips, oats and there are some foods they are very aggressive for."
Die Experten sagen dass Karotten überhaupt nicht gut für die Kängurus sind. Für ein Känguru ist eine Karotte viel zu zuckerhaltig.
Carrots as bad as chocolate
And if you thought a carrot was healthier for a kangaroo than junk food, think again.
"They're both just as bad in different ways," Mr Daly said.
"To a kangaroo a carrot is really, really high in sugar, so for us it's quite healthy, but for a kangaroo it's like having a chocolate bar"
Das Resultat sind nicht nur fette und erboste Kängurus: Sie können durch diese Fütterung auch tödlich erkranken.
They can gorge or overfeed on them very easily."
And the result will not just be a fat and angry kangaroo.

Mr Daly said feeding kangaroos anything other than grass could cause them to develop deadly diseases.
"One in particular is called lumpy jaw and it's where high sugar diets or any food that can be a bit abrasive in the mouth causes cuts and lesions and then a bacteria will get into those cuts," he said.